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Other Training

In addition to our GREAT SUPERVISION Series © , Naslund Consulting Group Inc. offers courses on a variety of topics including but not limited to:

Generations at Work (Half day to Full Day)

A session on the four generation working together. Learn about the values underlying generational thinking and the potential conflict the different values have on relationships and disagreements.

BaFa’ BaFa’; Cultural Diversity Simulation (One Day)

bafabafaThe interactive day begins with BaFa' BaFa', a cultural diversity simulation exercise where participants come to understand the powerful effects that culture plays in every person's life. The simulation has been useful in preparing for living and working in another culture or learning how to work with people from other departments, disciplines, genders, races, and ages.
BaFa’ BaFa’
  • Builds awareness of how cultural differences can profoundly impact people in an organization.
  • Motivates participants to rethink their behavior and attitude toward others.
  • Allows participants to examine their own bias and focus on how they perceive differences.
  • Examine show stereotypes are developed, barriers created, and misunderstandings magnified.
  • Identifies diversity issues within the organization that must be addressed.

The Seven Management and Planning Tools (Two Days)

A two day training session that teaches how to use The Seven Management And Planning Tools which include:
  • Affinity Diagram (KJ Method)
  • Interrelationship Digraph (ID)
  • Tree Diagram
  • Prioritization Matrix
  • Matrix Diagram
  • Process Decision Program Chart (PDPC)
  • Activity Network Diagram

Colour Spectrum (Half day to Two Days)

spectrumsA great teambuilding workshop for any and all groups from the very young to the very old; providing a new vocabulary, a common language for interpersonal communication while promoting understanding of self and others.

A great opportunity for you to learn more about personal strengths and preferences for yourself and the people around you.

Positive Results Include
  • ColourSpectrums enhances self-esteem.  Participants are empowered and motivated to actively explore, discover and celebrate their unique ColourSpectrums; a particular combination of priorities, delights and talents.
  • ColourSpectrums enhances team-esteem. Participants value team diversity by appreciating everyone’s ColourSpectrums; other people’s priorities, delights and talents.
  • ColourSpectrums increases team-effectiveness by creating an enchanting, user-friendly language, which everyone can use. Diversity is appreciated, stress and conflict are reduced, communication improves and productivity soars!

Creating a Great Board of Directors ( Half Day to Two Days)

You can’t afford not to educate your Board of Directors on their role and relationship with the Executive Director and stakeholders. Take the time and give them the formula for success. Check out the topics covered.

Course Outline:
  • 10 Things A Great Board Always Does
  • 10 Things A Great Executive Director Always Does
  • Three Types Of Boards
  • Board And Executive Director Roles
  • Creating A Code Of Conduct For The Board & Senior Staff
  • Creating Conflict Of Interest Policies
  • Creating A Board Manual
  • Board Liability
  • Board Recruitment And The Nominating Committee
  • Executive Director Performance Appraisal
  • Disciplinary Action Of The Executive Director
  • Committee Terms Of Reference
  • Board Involvement In Decision-Making
  • Indicators Of An Effective Board-Executive Director Relationship
  • Strategic Planning
  • Bylaws
  • 20 Things Every Board Member MUST Know About His/Her Organization
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Documentation Skills for Professionals (One to Two Days)

We know accurate, concise and timely documentation reduces risk. We know staff struggle with knowing what to write and how to write it. Let us help teach your staff the basics of documentation in this session.

We also have training developed on a number of topics including:

  • Communication Skills
  • Team Work
  • Problem-Solving
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management
  • Change Management
  • Resolving Disagreements at Work and Home
  • Gossiping at Work




“Karin Naslund has been a regular supporter of the annual Childcare Conference at MacEwan University. She has shared her experience and knowledge with us for years, facilitating sessions on the Gen Y workforce and board, supervisory and team development – to name a few. Our audience finds her engaging, knowledgeable, well prepared and enjoys her interactive, high energy and informative workshops.”
– Carolynn Kane, Conference Organizer MacEwan Child Care Conference

test01“The Great Supervision Series is exceptional! The knowledge, experience, and passion shared by the facilitator was captivating. The topics were relevant to the issues faced by our organization, which was evident in the active participation throughout the program. I highly recommend Naslund Consulting and the Great Supervision Series to organizations seeking to grow their leadership team both professionally and personally.”
– Michael Lavis, MA, Executive Director, COR

test02“WJS has sent our managers and supervisors to Great Supervision for over 15 years. Last year, we decided to make all four levels of Great Supervision mandatory for all of our supervisors and managers. We chose Great Supervision and related courses by Naslund Consulting because the quality of the training is superb and the content is leading edge. We receive terrific feedback from all of our supervisors and managers who take this training.”
– Peter Farnden, CEO, WJS Canada

soh“As soon as a new Team Leader signs on to our service we immediately register them into the Great Supervision Series offered by Naslund Consulting.  Feedback from all who take this training is positive and retention at the Team Leader level is very high.  They finish their training confident that they are ready to handle the supervisory responsibilities of their position.”
– Krista Stacpoole-Tucker, Manager Community Outreach and Disability Service, Catholic Social Services

test03“We, at Ability Development Services, have used the Naslund Consulting Group Inc. many times, especially for supervision training and strategic planning. We were extremely pleased with the outcome and highly recommend this company to anyone.”
– George Zaychkowsky, CEO, Ability Development Services

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