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Staff Orientation is a Marathon, Not a Sprint



Specializing in Supervisory Training,
Board Development and Leadership
for Nonprofit Organizations.

Learn in-person and online!
Engaging, Interactive, Practical, and Useful Personally and Professionally


Why Now?

  • Training keeps staff
  • Training builds confidence and skill
  • Training reduces risk
  • Training helps build loyalty, and loyalty increases productivity
  • Good talented people naturally want to advance and appreciate meaningful support in the process.
  • Staff care if you take a genuine interest in their future.



Why Us?

Participants appreciate the practical information, relaxed delivery of course material and the balance between instruction and exercises.
    • We have learned, lived and understand the nonprofit industry
    • Every instructor has more than 15 years senior management experience.
    • We customize material to meet your needs
    • We are engaging in our teaching methods
    • We stay current on trends and needs
    • We specialize in the “human side” of business.
    • Each instructor has more than 15 years of senior management.
    • We provide tools and skills to immediately apply back at work.
    • We have a variety of “ready to deliver” courses and can tailor courses to meet your needs.


Board Support

Why Us?

Our careers are based on nonprofit organizational management. We have worked with boards as senior leaders and on boards as volunteer members.
  • We have learned, lived and understand the nonprofit industry
  • We are informed on board structures, by-law and policy development.
  • We have fund development experience.
  • We use fun and engaging planning methods.


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Management Support

Why Us?

We are nonprofit organizational leaders. We have grown organizations, expanded services, and fundraised. Consider outsourcing to our team for maximum benefit
  • We can write and revise your policy.
  • We can write grant applications.
  • We can help prepare for accreditation.
  • We can coach individual leaders and leadership teams.

Note: Promotional Photographs
Photos and videos recording of training and participants may use for future promotional materials. Participants should be aware that their images may be recorded for media broadcast purposes.

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