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About Karin, Our CEO

Karin Naslund is the CEO of Naslund Consulting Group Inc. and Principal Consultant. She has been working as a leader with human service organizations in the nonprofit sector for over 25 years. She has Lived it! Learned it! Understands it! And now supports others to successfully Do It!

Karin is enthusiastic, energetic and positive, and loves working with people. She thrives on learning new skills and sharing her knowledge with others thus strengthening their skills, confidence and self-esteem. Ultimately, she gets the best out of people by supporting them to succeed.

Karin has strong interpersonal skills which she has further developed through negotiation and mediation training. In December 2010 she completed her Certificate in Conflict Management through the ADR Institute of Alberta.

Karin enjoys a challenge and intuitively knows the most appropriate steps to be taken and the order they should happen – once the outcome is determined the steps fall quickly into place.

Karin oversees all projects undertaken by Naslund Consulting Group Inc.. Value is added through the expertise of her team who specialize in areas such as planning, diagnostics, human resource management, etc.

About Brian

Brian Nelson has been doing “Good Work” for not-for-profit and non-government organizations as an employee and volunteer for 40 years. Good Work to Brian means service to others that benefits others, improves communities and brings people together to accomplish the common good.

Brian’s career has been varied ranging from creating and operating a handyman service for the elderly when he was a teen, doing third world development work, working as a teen counsellor, being involved in the recycling industry to working with people with developmental disabilities. Brian’s eclectic vocations have supported his tremendous growth as a supervisor, manager and leader.

Brian’s areas of expertise include strategic planning, developing outcome measurements and quality improvement programs. He is a skilled small group facilitator and successful grant writer. Brian has raised over $6,000,000 for various not-for-profits and non-government organizations in his career. Brian has excelled in volunteer recruitment and management and has considerable experience in facilitation and instruction. Taking the opportunity that retirement has brought has led Brian to start a company that does consulting with and assisting firms in the construction and development of online staff training courses that incorporate game elements to make self-study more appealing.

Brian has a passion for social justice issues. He believes that volunteerism and philanthropy are the basis of a vibrant and caring community. Brian is an active volunteer in his church and community. With his wife Colleen, they financially support several youth groups and theatre projects in Camrose.

Brian demonstrates commitment and tenacity in all that he does. He has been married for 34 years and with his family, operates a small mixed farm near Camrose, lives in a manner consistent with his belief in self-sufficiency and living lightly on our planet. His current hobbies include flying radio controlled aircraft, bee keeping, wine making, astronomy and digitally restoring old vinyl records.

Brian Nelson Naslund Consulting Group Inc.

About Leevi

Leevi Hafso’s foundation of knowledge, compassion and honesty has contributed to her success in the human service industry. Her friendly and calm demeanor has also contributed to her success as a facilitator and senior manager.

She earned her Disabilities Studies Diploma in 1995 and has contributed to the enhancement of services to persons with disabilities for 12 years. Leevi has a good mix of direct and indirect support experience through a variety of programs. The indirect support work has been in the form of senior management and leadership experience. Her well-rounded experience enables her to gain perspective from a number of views.

Leevi is a competent trainer involved in the delivery of numerous courses.
She has both developed and taught sexuality and relationship courses to people who have disabilities and continues to develop curriculums for a variety of courses (e.g. relationships, trust, and human sexuality). Her flexible and responsive nature makes her an effective facilitator.

When Leevi is not working, reading or facilitating, she is enjoying her two wonderful boys at home and in outdoor adventures.

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