Leadership Training

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Freeing Up Your Time To Focus On Organizational Priorities

Don’t take staff away from fulfilling your mission “Providing Quality Service to Clients”  They are the only ones that can.  

The Keys To Successful Leadership

Let us help you create organizational capacity and focus your resources where they are needed most. Successful organizations:

  • Spend time where its most needed.
  • Outsource jobs that are time-consuming and take you away from more important work.
  • Use resources efficiently and effectively.
  • Know when to ask for help.

How We Can Help 

We are exhilarated when nonprofit organizations successfully fulfill their mission and make a difference at the grassroot level of community.  We have been there ourselves and truly recognize the need and value of social service agencies.   With over 25 years of senior leadership experience, we can help eliminate the stress of day to day management while increasing capacity to focus on priorities.

Consider us for increasing capacity by taking on projects such as:

  • Surveys and evaluation.
  • Policy and procedure development.
  • Human resource management, training and support.
  • Senior staff coaching.
  • Board support including strategic planning, board training, board meeting management, governance policy development.
  • Meeting management and facilitation.
  • Interim day to day management.
  • Measurement system development and reporting.

We provide a detailed work plan and estimate at no cost!

Our Skills Include

Let us facilitate so you can participate!


Why Us?

  • We set up and manage the activities to get to your outcome.
  • Facilitated conversation is the best way to address difficult issues.
  • Good facilitation ensures participation by everyone.

Mediation/ Conflict Service

“Resolving conflict is rarely about who is right.  It is about acknowledgment and appreciation of differences.”

Unchecked conflict is time consuming and costly!

Chronic unresolved conflict is a decisive factor in at least 50% of all employee resignations, is a primary source of employee dissatisfaction, and accounts for up to 90% of the cause of employee terminations by employers.

Put your time and energy where it is needed most. Let us help with board and operational policy development or revisions.

  • Human Resource Policy
  • Job Description Development
  • Organization Policy
  • Board Governance Policy

You’ll find that hiring us to draft your policies saves money and allows you and your staff opportunity to do what you do best in serving your clients.

We help develop leaders at all levels.

Call us for help in:

  • Recruitment
  • Overcoming high turnover
  • Checking on staff satisfaction
  • Team building
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Documentation (e.g. performance evaluation, interview questions, interview rating scale, job descriptions, satisfaction surveys, etc.)

    Check out our Great Supervision Series for existing and up and coming leaders!

    If you’re stuck, we provide interim day to day management

    Unexpectedly left without an Executive Director? Instead of being pressured into hiring, we provide day to day management support allowing you the time needed to conduct a proper search.

    We can help your board do its job well

    We excel at providing Boards with the right tools and information to succeed.

    Our consultants have lengthy experience working with Boards and can assist with board education, policy development, performance evaluation of the Executive Director and planning.

    Karin Naslund has a Certificate in Conflict Management from the ADR Institute of Alberta, where she graduated with commendation in mediation.  The skill and talent she has for resolving conflict will help resolving disagreements between staff, volunteers, guardians, etc. in the most cost effective way.  Furthermore, she shares her knowledge by educating staff at all levels to identify conflict and have the “tough conversation” early on using tools she provides.

    Conflict is one of the largest reducible costs within organizations.
    Why not train ALL staff to better deal with disagreements and avoid gossip, team breakdown, wasted time, and an unfavorable reputation.

    “Knowing that we are able to send our new leaders to this type of training and can trust that they are being taught sound leadership skills is reassuring to the management team of our department. Retention at the Team Leader level is very high. We are happy with our ongoing relationship with Karin and her team and would recommend her Great Supervision Series to any organization that is looking to foster and grow the supervisory skills of new leaders within their ranks.”

    Krista Stacpoole-Tucker

    Manager Community Outreach and Disability Service, Catholic Social Services

    “We, at Ability Development Services, have used the Naslund Consulting Group Inc. many times, especially for supervision training and strategic planning. We were extremely pleased with the outcome and highly recommend this company to anyone.”

    George Zaychkowsky

    CEO, Ability Development Services