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Naslund Consulting offers Great Supervision and other training in your home community saving you travel expenses and staff time.

We can also customize material to meet your organization’s need.


Nurturing Confident And Competent Supervisors

  • Build your team through in-house training.
  • Address tough issues through problem-solving.
  • Hire for talent and train for skill.
  • Make us part of your mandatory training.

Why Train In-House?

In-house training is cost effective since you can train up to 20 participants at the same cost.  You may invite additional community members to participate and share in the cost or charge them to attend. We have a hosting toolkit to help with planning, accepting registrations and delivery. More benefits of bringing us in-house are . . .

  • Stronger team relationships with a shared understanding and commitment to Great Supervision.  
  • Ability to address concerns specific to your organization.
  • Collective learning of employee retention strategies that will make a monumental difference in keeping employees.

Choose Naslund Consulting For In-House Training!

  • Participants appreciate the practical information, relaxed delivery of course material and the balance between instruction and exercises.
  • We have learned, lived and understand the nonprofit industry and every instructor has more than 15 years senior management experience.
  • We customize material to meet your needs and our engaging in our teaching methods.
  • We specialize in the “human side” of business and stay current on trends.
  • We provide tools and skills to  apply back at work.
  • We have a variety of “ready to deliver” courses and can tailor courses to meet your needs.


We Provide:

  • The course manual.
  • Customized material when requested.
  • Skilled instructors with knowledge of the nonprofit industry.
  • A mix of information and exercises in an adult learning environment.

You Need To:

  • Find and book facility that meets training needs.
  • Handle registrations.
  • Provide technology such as internet connection, LCD projector.
  • Provide flipcharts and markers.
  • Provide drinks, snacks and catering if desired.


“WJS has sent our managers and supervisors to Great Supervision for over 15 years. Last year, we decided to make all four levels of Great Supervision mandatory for all of our supervisors and managers. We chose Great Supervision and related courses by Naslund Consulting because the quality of the training is superb and the content is leading edge. We receive terrific feedback from all of our supervisors and managers who take this training.”

Peter Farnden

CEO, WJS, Canada

Great Supervision © In-House Training

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